FTD019 Scott la Coxx „Wallstreet“

FTD018 Mittagskind „over Cities EP“


FTD017 Nico Pusch „welcome to Universe“


FTD016 Zusammenklang „Sommergewitter EP“


FTD015 Tom Hettmer „Chromatic EP“


FTD014 Dios „we Ain’t You EP“


FTD013 Soulmelt „World of Wonder“


FTD012 Marius Drescher „Fokus“


FTD011 Constantijn Lange – Searching & Finding EP


FTD010 Marcus Schmidt vs Double C. „Paradox“


FTD009 Nico Pusch „Bad Saturday“


FTD008 Hiersein „Clouds“


FTD007 Matico “ Izolazoo“


FTD006 Alex Q – Montreal


FTD005 Hiersein – Anne


FTD004 Michael Lorenz „Sehnsucht“


FTD003 Matico – Ariluu


FTD002 – alex q – remixes pt. I

We are happy and proud to present the first compilation of alex_Q finest remixes. This Compilation is an overview of alex_Q ‚ s impressive body of work in the last ten years. It include a personal selection of his best remixes, which is only available for digitally download on Farbton Records. This release a great album in its own right for extraordinary listening pleasure. <


FTD001 – VA e.p.

with awesome tracks by Hiersein , Marcus Schmidt vs Double C,
Luno and alex q